Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Seafood Dinner at Saung Grenvil in Jakarta, Best!

Last year, I went to Saung Grenvil @ Jakarta. And I didn't know I did not post it up here. -_- My bad.

Well, I think this was the best seafood that I ever tasted, in my life! Seriously!

Much better than those you get at Tambun (Penang, not the Ipoh Tambun).

Just look at these craps crabs!

Super macho looking, can!

And also bigger than my brother's hand!! (obviously I'm the one taking the pics, how to show tangan here! :P )

This is how it is cooked. Red and hot (spicy!) sauce crabs. Indo they called : Kepiting Saus Padang

Almost every table has an order of Kepiting Saus Padang! And it is seriously delicious. It is quite spicy and a little sweet taste combined.

Just look at it makes me hungry!!

The superb sauce!!

Are you feeling it yet? :P

Next is the fish. "Garing-Garing" (crispy) fish, I called. :P

How cool is that! :D

And some "kapa". I think it is called "kerang Kepa"

And some random veges.

Oh, not to forget, this is the drink that we cant get them in Malaysia. Kelapa Jeruk :D (Orange + Coconut), very fragrant!

Overall this is a very nice and unforgettable experience. A must try (especially the crab!!)if you are in Jakarta Barat! Price is quite reasonable too!

Btw, if you are a Standard Chartered CC holder, you get to have discounts on your food too! I think is 20% on the weekends, and 25% on the weekdays (If I remembered correctly)! In Malaysia, where got so much discount on seafood one! :P

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The Location (I got from the web!)

Saung Grenvil

Komplek Grenvil Blok AV - 12 A

Jakarta Barat

021 - 5659517

Monday, March 30, 2009

Kozue Japanese Restaurant @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

By now, I think most of the Penangites know about Kozue Japanese Restaurant @ Gurney Plaza. So there's nothing for me to shout about but only to share what I got from there. mrgreen


This restaurant located just outside of Maggie T (spot the Pink shop out there!). Kim Gary is also its opposite neighbour, and if your eyes only stuck to Kim Gary like me :P , then you probably missed this Kozue.


The "Name".

And a little wine section.

Let me show you some ONE blur menu photo. My cam is shaky when it comes to food. :P

I just realized I only got one picture about its menu. -_-

To start off, we ordered the sets (which I think it is more worthy and it comes with little side dishes). And these sets are available during lunch time and dinner time.

I got Kimchi Nabe Set (RM15++) and it comes with a bowl of rice, and some fruits & vege side dishes.
It isn't really sour but overall it tasted okay. It comes with some bacon in it which is something new for me. I didnt know bacon goes well with Kimchi. :P This set does not have any noodles in it. It is more like a "mini steamboat" which comes with some cabbage, bacon, meat and mushrooms.

My good friend ordered Chicken Butter Cheese Set (RM18++).

I noticed it looked different compared to the other food blogger's picture. The cheese on top of the chicken looks pretty small sliced here. :(

The taste? So-so only. The sauce is something like teriyaki sauce. But it is not so tasty unlike the ones I had in
The sauce for this is something like teriyaki sauce. But I think I still prefer Japin @ Queensbay's teriyaki set.

The chicken portion for this Chicken Butter Cheese Set is also quite small. -_-

Here's some side orders we ordered.

This is something new. Something something sandwich. I forgot the name.
And it comes with a cute butterfly deco stuck with it. This sandwich is like a combination of Japanese & Western.

Some barbecued bacon...
Looks nice right? But it doesn't taste as nice as it looks though.



The meat is a little "hard" and it requires some "teeth strength" for it. :P Or maybe I'm old. LOLz!

Overall for a portion like this, I will definitely opt myself in for Kim Gary. I'm a KG (reminds me of KiloGram?! -_-) fan which serves better for my tummy and wallet too!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sushi Tei @ Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta

I was in Jakarta 2 weeks ago with my family and I think I did mentioned I had quite a blast holiday at that time, didn't I? razz

During the weekends when I was there, my dad brought us to one of the major shopping complex, called Pondok Indah Mall, if I'm not mistaken. And thanks to my brother's recommendation, we went to Sushi Tei!

Sushi Tei

And damn, I was actually hooked on their soft shell crab.
surprised Damn tasty okay!

*Warning* I'm going to flood this post with all the yummy food that we ordered. *Saliva post behold!!*mrgreen

Before we tempt you, here's some snapshots of the menu. They got very interesting prices too!!

PS: I just found that Sushi Tei's website also have their menu and the full list of their food. Oh well. At least mine is the Rupiah Version of Sushi Tei. :P

Sushi Tei #1

Spot-the-macha-ice-cream menu!
Sushi Tei #2

Sushi Tei #3

Cold Cuts Heaven... salmon~ *slurp slurp*
Sushi Tei #4

Individual sushi~
Sushi Tei #5

I still remembered their Edamame's price is double Sushi King's one. :(

Sushi Tei #6

Temaki temaki!! Unagi Temaki, oishi!! :P
Sushi Tei #7

The big bowl menu..
Sushi Tei #8

The ginger that is given for free on every table..
Sushi Tei #9

Father and Son, flipping anxiously...
Sushi Tei #10

Hot Macha~
Sushi Tei #11

Now, this is call food.. :D:D:D

My favorite of them all!! YUMMY!!
Cold Cuts

This one is nice too! Thanks bro for recommending :D:D Raw Squid!!

This is Spicy Ramen, kononnya..


The Ramen in action!

I don't recommend this as the curry/stew of this is quite different. more like Indonesia style of curry. The lemak kind. I prefer Japins over this one.

And the king of Sushi Tei. :P This one is very crispy. And soft in the inside! very nice!! highly recommended!!
Soft shell crab


We had quite a good time there and the environment is quite nice too! However, the price is quite high if compared to Sushi King though. :)

Just look at the queue! I couldn't believe that people would actually be queueing up at this time just to eat Sushi Tei at this point of time!! Recession is just nothing to them :P


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