Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sakae Sushi On the Go!

Wow, so long time never updated my blog. Poor baby. *snortss* haha.

Here's where I've been to last week with my pesky colleague friends. :P

I only went about 2-3 times there. I totally failed them because they doesn't really taste like "JAPANESE food" seriously. It's like campur-aduk-kind-of sushi.. or maybe this only applies to their sushi.. hm..

But I like their tea, where we can refill on our own instead of waiting "crazily" for the waitresses. :)

Here's what I've tried during my recent visit again..

Looks from the menu.

I loved these, after a longgggg time friend of mine taught me how to eat them (thanks again if you are reading this :P), like mentos wor... but the beans really popped out like mentos. hahaha.

I don't really like these edamame here... it's cold and they should be served hot even on the kaiten belt. Sigh~

Next.. on the menu..

Cheeeeseee.. I'm obsessed. huhu.

de Real thing ....

Not too bad. But I feel it is not tasty enough, but not sure what's missing.. hm...

Next up..

I don't know what this is called... something maki.. hahaha..

And does anyone know what this is???

The middle stuff is kinda crunchy and tasted like chicken floss, but I'm not sure... I don't think it's friend onion. And Sakae sushi seems to put this in these sushi rolls, which makes it a little weird. It's like Chinese food + Japanese food = japchi sushi? hahaha. just kidding. :P

Here's the soft-shell crab temaki , not mine though...

And then unagi...

See the dark brown thing again???

Next is the Sushi-On-Fire! Or sushi volcano!! :D

Spot the fire?

I'm not sure what is on promotion with this, I think sakae sushi's member card promotion or something... hm...

Last but not least, my favourite of them alllllllllll...

Chicken on stick. hahaha. I seriously don't know what this is called, but it is nice! :)

Anyway, I don't really fancy much of Sakae Sushi, or maybe my taste bud changed already... hm... oh well, watever! :)

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