Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Che Go , The Korean Cruisine at Seberang Prai City

Even though it's my first time to Che Go, I nicknamed it as "Che Gong" (Panic in Hokkien) or even "Che Gu" (Green cow , direct translation from Hokkien). LOL

Don't you think their menu pic is just so tempting???

Because of HIS birthday... He gets to try out new food from Che Go, which is located at Aeon Seberang Prai City.

The "tempting" Menu..

Spare ribs~ Yum!

They got fish some more...

Each BBQ order that you make comes with these 6 little cold vege dishes. Looks quite little right? Even though it is refillable but I think Korean Palace and Daorae wins over their vege selection!!

Other Side Menu..

Soup soup!!

And this is one of the dishes that is recommended by the waitress there...

The drinks.. I called for Green Tea.. but it charges RM2. Korean Palace or DaoRae also never charge me wan.. Sien!

Here comes the environment..

Their "work place".. :)

Some deco promoting hot bowl..

And *jeng jeng jeng*, here comes the food!

The *oh-so-small* vege dishes....

And the ribsssssssssss...

BBQ preparation.. which is something different compared to Daorae and Korean Palace. :)

*On the way* :P

*Tadaaaa* The yummylicious ribs!! So so so nice! :)

The chicken which is recommended by the waitress.. I don't quite like this one. It doesn't have any korean taste in it. The chicken meat is fried and then they pour some sour plum + oyster sauce on it.. nothing special. I'm sure you can get this at any chinese restaurant!

Last but not least, my fav!! KIMCHI!! Woohoo! It's nice and I think I like this one the most compared to Daorae / Korean Palace's kimchi soup. :)

One note, the food here are not cheap. The total bill for both of us cost about RM140. -_-" Crazy.

My tummy says:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kim Gary July Freebies

For the KG (Kim Gary aka Kilogram :P) lovers...

Whenever I think of Kim Gary, the name just make me fat lah.. Coz KG also can stands for Kilogramssssss. -_-"

And for those who have not bought the coupon... this post is just a teaser for you. :P

July's Freebies!!

Just look at how big this portion is!

This is so filling and yummy as well!! And also more exercise to be done.. -_-

And also not too forget my favourite French toast that I haven't post it up previously.

If only they don't put so much of the honey, then it will be just right. :)

Going to post on my Che Go soon! :P

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My King of Fruits Fiesta

Have you eaten them yet?

I can almost see these king of fruits - durian everywhere!

Almost everyone in the family (except my dad) eats durian. I reckon' my mom is the no.1 fan of durians followed by my granny. :P

See how she nego with the durian seller? :P Nowadays it is also very cheap because there are so much supply than demand! I know SS2 (PJ) has durian buffet that goes for RM10 per head! I would be crazy if the durians are good! :P

And now I presenting you, my mom in action with the king-of-fruits. ^_^

I love durians with no specific "brand name". We normally sees people raving for how good "D24" is.. but for me, I love those kampung-branded one.

Wondering how those kampung-branded one looks like?

Like this! The sexy-cum- curvy shape like durian! LOL!

Looks huge on the outside, but you'll get only a few of them inside this one!

So yummy can faint! :D

I love those that is semi-sweet with a lil' "pahit" taste.. LOL! I am just lost for words. -_-

Even my granny loves it! :D She even reckons that it would be so much nicer if durians are to be eaten with rice! (*me faints* :P )

Have you had your durian fiesta yet? If not, you'd better hurry before the season is over! :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yum Yum Poh Piah @ Asas Supermarket Area (BM)

I always tell myself I need to save $$$$. But when it comes to food.. I totally lost myself to it. Gah!! So here I present myself an alternative favorite food of mine before I went on and splurge onto my Korean-craving tummy.

See how delicious the Poh Piah were? :P

This particular coffee shop located at a very "out-of-the-way" place. To those who are staying in BM might be a little more familiarized with it.

Remember we had a hypermarket called "ASAS" which located around Sri Kijang (BM) area? The supermarket does not exist anymore but this little coffee shop is still there since then. :) Tough little one, arent they?

The coffee shop is actually located beside the nasi kandar stall (which is not facing the main road)... So, expect some search around there people! :P

The coffee shop might not look interesting at first sight, I tell you. I almost step out of the coffee shop when I didn't locate my mom's favourite "Poh Piah" which was standing at the little corner beside the fridge....

Do they actually appeal to you (see above) ???? Seriously, if I were new there, I would not even try them. -_-"

This popiah stall is actually operated by the shop owner itself (who also sells the drinks there).

*Milo Ais*

* Watermelon juice with Heineken? :P *

Look how delicious these were! There are two versions, one is the fry type, while the other is the normal type (non-fried).

I love them both! Delicious okay! :P

So crispy!! And the poh piah skin is not the thick thick type too! They are quite generous in their "Bang Kuang" whereas some stalls that I encounter wrap very little of it.... So juicy,can! :D

The other food that I like from there is their Wan Tan Mee. Well, don't expect it to be "awwwwwwwwwwsome" since I'm not an expert in Wan Tan Mee. :P But it is nice based on my taste bud though...

The mee is springy and "QQ" :P (Can't think of the word to describe this... ).

Other than that, their "Fried Tua Pan aka Ying yong" is also nice, Fried rice also nice. So if you have the chance to go there, do drop by hor! :P

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bali Bali I miss you!!!

This is a super late post. But I still want to post up, in case yours truly really lost her memory. :P

Yup, you are looking at a pair of old "Dancing feet". Relaxing at Nusa Dua Beach (in Bali!). And I enjoyed it every single bit of it (other than I lost my Sony charger, toothbrushes and 1 adapter. -_-).

I stay there for 5 days, 4 nights. And mind you, if you are going the next time, don't take the evening flight. Because their 6pm is like our 7pm. And I wasted 1 day because I touched down in Bali at almost 9pm. :(

I stayed at Sanur Beach, Villa Puri Ayu. And I loved it (other than the pictures which are a lil' creepy -_- ).

I booked Villa Lumbung, which has 3 decent rooms. 2 upstairs, and 1 downstairs. There's also a jacuzzi right outside the villa which was awesome. The only complaint that I have is the mosquitoes which are quite a lot there. The utilities are okay, just a little rusty, but working just fine. BTW, the whole Villa Puri Ayu only have 1 Villa Diamond (4 rooms villa) and 1 Villa Lumbung. -_- Actually the Deluxe room is quite big too, which comes with a kitchen attached outside. We rented the Deluxe room for one night with the 6 of us as we thought we won't be sleeping that much since we are boarding the 7am's flight. The only weird thing with the Deluxe room is the "open air" bathroom. LOLs! Which are really weird. :P

Here's our so-called itinerary for Day 1.
I initially booked Pak Agus (recommended by LYN forum members) but he has some family emergency and Pak Putu was his replacement. Pak Putu is really a nice and hardworking friend (aka driver). Here's how he looked like, sideway (I didn't got the chance to take his photo -_-)..

In the morning, after our breakfast buffet by the Villa, we headed to the "Upper Bali" (above Sanur is Ubud).

First stop, the monkey forest.

Nothing spectacular I'd say. But since everyone was talking about this, so we decided to try them. 6000RP per pax if I'm not mistaken. But for monkey sight-seeing, I won't be going there the next time, since Penang Botanical garden is famous with monkeys. LOL!

On the way to Mt. Batur, we stop at this place, which is famous for photography (quoted by Pak Putu).

I think Bali is quite famous with its padi field. All of their padi field looked like this. Layered type. Not like ours, one flat boring piece of paddy field. LOL! :P

Before entering Mt. Batur, we also have to "tip" or the guards outside.... And here we are.... Mt. Batur, baby! :P

Nice right? But we didn't climb Mt. Batur lah. But the journey is quite long and boring from Ubud. I think it takes about 1.5hrs to reach.

We also had lunch there since yours truly was hungry at that time. Thanks to my friends who actually paid quite a lot for this so-called yummy restaurant.At first, we thought it was "chu char" but was conned. About 80Krp per head. Not worth it. And I even saw baby cockroaches partying around the food. EEEEwww...

People go there for scenery, but we go there for some icky food. So damn not nice lah. But nothing to see. Just that the weather is quite cooling, like our Cameron highland.

After lunch, our kakis tangan and kaki gatal. So we went to Pasar Ubud (which I don't recommend that place).

At first sight, it look like a shopping heaven from the outside. Coz it says "Pasar Ubud" (Ubud market). With the "market" word there, we assume the things were drop dead cheap. But we were wrong after Pak Putu brought us to Sukawati.

Pasar Ubud has quite alot of stuff there but normally we need to bargain super kao-kao to get the right price. Imagine a batik type of maxi-dress was 150Krp which was offered by the sellers, and we managed to bargain for the last price which goes down to 40Krp. Crazy, man! But this seriously need some skill lah. Some sellers were quite aggressive there too. But not as aggressive as the ones in HK or CCK (Penang street) :P

Up next was Sukawati.

A place where you "suka hati". :P Hahaha
This place is so much better than the rest of the shops we went in Ubud. But bear in mind, they close at 6pm sharp sharp. So early lah! But there, you can really nego until you happy happy... Sometimes when you walk away looking for other options, the sellers will actually say they'll take your price (so call "harga pass") if you are not happy with their last price. But quite kesian them also lah. Imagine one piece of Bali top cost 10Krp. You do the maths.I bought two small shorts for 15Krp each. Cheap can! :D Color did not run at all. Still "sui-sui".

Last stop of the day was Babi Guling at Depensar night market (which was recommended by Pak Putu - his fav place).

If you are not a fan of pig's intestines and stuff, then better skip. For first timers, it's really an experience. 25Krp for one serving. :)
We almost "hire" Pak Putu for more than 12 hrs (start at 8.30am, back at almost 10pm), really paiseh with him. But he is really flexi for us. Thumbs up!

Day 2
This day is filled with beach activities. We went to Nusa Beach which we thought it was the best in Bali. But then, mid-June that time was quite quiet lah. Not much people as well. If you like to have a peace of mind, this is a good place. :)
We went for some diving, turtle island and flying fish water sports. Which cost about 300Krp per pax, with free nasi goreng. :P Nice nice!
Diving was quite a pleasant experience for us, but the photos (underwater taken by Wayan - the teacher :P) was crazy. So no photos for that. :P Also, the water was not clear, fishes were not as many as our Redang island. Quite dissappointed loh. Even Phi-phi island wins over this place.

Turtle island was quite fun. They captured some big ones for tourist to touch and feel. Other than that, there's owls, iguana, snakes and monkeys there. Nothing much.

And of coz, when there's beach, there's jumping acts from yours truly. LOL! :D

~ Nusa Dua Beach, baby!

After spending about half day there, we went for a sunset at Uluwatu. The cliff was really scary lah. The monkeys are damn trained there! Very aggressive. I was so so scared when I saw a monkey nearby me. -_- Not a pleasant experience there. :( I prefer Tanah Lot many many times than Uluwatu.

The pic above with us in the house is just a random shot by one of the tourist. hahaha. Some crazy acting theme. "Abandon theme, maybe". :P

At night, we all were on "money diet" and spend all of them at Matahari supermarket. :P Bought one box of maggi mee home as well. :D And again, we went home at almost 1030. -_- crazy, can. I really hope Pak Putu will not stressed out the next time he sees us. LOL!

Day 3 - The Spa day.
Initially, I told my friends that we will be doing spa all 3 days in Bali. But unfortunately, we only have 24 hours per day. So we only did that on the last day (before we headed back to Malaysia).

But before that, Pak Putu drive us to Kuta. Not crowded as well. I think it's because it's just the start of the peak season. :)

~ LoL. Like I said, when there's a beach, you'll see me. :P The people marching down shirtless is the trainees i think...

After that.. spa spa spa @ Tamara.

It wasn't in Ubud, it was in Nusa Dua. But I think it is a little expensive compared to the ones I saw from other people's comments.
250Krp per person. 2 Hours spa. That's how Pak Putu quoted. This we had Pak Putu nego for us as they quoted us 600Krp the day before. The spa consist of full body massage, scrub, flower bath & whitening (milk). Quite good. Very balinese styled too!

After having ourself pampered with their services, we went to Tanah Lot. Where a place we did our last day shopping there.

Like seriously, the scenery was breath-taking. And was also flooded with tourist. The road to Tanah Lot wasn't impressing at all too. Small narrowed road, up and down the hill, and it takes about 1.5 hours from Nusa Dua. Crazy, I tell you. But still, you wouldn't believe the crowd when you reach there. The entrance fee wasn't cheap too. More expensive than Uluwatu, which I think is 15Krp per pax. -_-

Nice nice nice! So nice can, especially with me inside the photo. :D:D:D

We also went shopping @ Tanah Lot too! And again, they close at 7pm. -_- crazy can. And almost finish all our money there. hahahaha. I really miss Bali now. :(

Last meal in Bali was awesome too! Pak Putu recommend us to one of the famous restaurant in Bali. I tell you, their sambal is a must there! Super hot and yummy! :D

So so so in love with the sambal .. Very thankful to Pak Putu's friendliness !! And he is a very honest person too, and we also get to know his lovely wife! All the best to him and his family in Bali! :D

Pak Putu keep mentioning that I should have go to Dreamland beach (which is a private beach) but we don't have the time, so he brought my other 2 friends there. So sad la can. I heard it's flooded with "rich" people too.

And I missed Bedegul as well. Haih.

I headed back home the next day at 7am's flight. So sad la. Next time must book my ticket properly (since I got the tickets during Air Asia's 0 cent promotion a year ago).

Anyway, overally my Bali trip was fun fun fun! :D And btw, don't you think the kid below is so cute! :D :D Even pose for me to take pics of him.

I wonder if I will go there again next time. With only spa and sunbathing :P

PS: Pak Putu's (Putu Suardana ) Phone : +081338656333; Rate as of June 09' 300Krp for 12 hours.

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