Thursday, May 21, 2009

Restaurant Starview @ Megamal Pinang, Prai

Because it was my Birthday, I've got a good reason to have a bloody-good-hearty meal.

My parents suggested that we have our lunch in Restaurant Starview in Megamal Pinang in Prai. And so, here we go.... :D

Upon reaching, we had some difficulties in finding a car park. Well, if you had pre-book a table there, normally we can park right in front of the restaurant (which is a small "China Town" street beside Megamall Pinang. But unfortunately, the car park were taken up by other customers, hence we park in a weird way since the parking lots are ridiculously small there (and parking fee is RM3).

The restaurant is quite small in terms of sizing.

Here's the dishes that came to our table upon arriving...

And some seasoned cucumbers....

Because of my birthday *cough cough*, we ordered this...

And Darn, it was oh-so good!!!! * 5 STARS with my thumbs up on this one *

Noticed the meat and fins there? Gosh. This is wayyyyy better than the ones I had in their wedding dinner course. And of coz, the price is what we paid for (RM60 for Shark Fin Soup). But it is delicious! Worth it!

My mom also ordered this..which was also one of the dishes we used to see during CNY / Wedding dinner course..

Even though it is nice, but then the price is so not worth it. RM60(or RM50 I think) for 3 different meat. But if you can see, both style of finger fried food are the same, and the portion is just too big for only 4+1 adults. :P

Up close of this dish... The chicken is nice IMO.

The fried ones.... I think it's crab meat and another one is with oyster...

And then came the chicken... with some XO wine steamed together with the chicken...

Nothing much to shout about about this one...

Next is the Beancurd in Claypot (Tauhu). Also nothing to shout about on this one..

And last but not least, we ordered "Sang" Mee (Crispy noodles with sauce).

Well, sadly to say, not my liking as well even though the prawns are quite convincing....

Overall, I would only ordered Shark Fin Soup the next time I come here... The rest is just OK... I also heard my friend says that their suckling pig is nice... But I didn't ordered them....

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Belated Birthday Post for Yours Truly

This post is seriously a backdated one.

But anyway, I enjoyed my 09' Bday pretty much! :D And I'm a step closer to 3-0 already. Darn.

This is what yours truly had for the celebration.


Marble Cake from Secret Recipe.

And the delicious Chocolate Mud Cake!

But the price tag is seriously not convincing for me to buy them anymore... the quality of the cake has also dropped as well. But oh well, it's my birthday, so WTH! :P

And not to forget, my Boy treat me this, right before the clock strikes 12am (before 02-May).

Yummy-licious - but- super-sweet Haagan Dazz Ice Cream! :D

So, I welcome myself to the "Adult" world for now...... rolleyes

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eat All You Can Dim Sum - Golden Phoenix @ Equatorial Hotel (Penang)

I have been MIA for more than a month in here! Gosh. I abandon my blog. redface *Sowee*

Anyway, I had tons of pics that I've yet to upload in here. All backdated ones but I will still share what I had, if not, my efforts will goes down the drain. biggrin

Guess what I had last week! Dim sum!

And I don't have to wake up early to get them. You know why? Because they are having dim sum promotion during lunch hour, from 12pm to 2.30pm!

Also, it's a buffet style mind you. The price is reasonable too!

Thanks to Golden Phoenix @ Equatorial Hotel (Penang), we can have them for RM29.90 (excludes 10% + 5%). Check it out here.

How cool is that? lol However, it's only for the month of May, I heard!

Before I start, I just wanted to share the restaurant's deco.

The deco on our table...

Nice right? :D

Here's a peek of the menu.





And some chinese dishes too!

On and all, there's about 29 dishes. It looks little but then the portion for each selection is quite a lot!

*Me wants this* *Me wants that* LOL!!

Our first dish came almost immediately which is the Chee Cheong Fun that came in two flavours, Char Siew and Prawns.



Thumbs up for that! Very tasty and the prawns are very fresh too!

Then came the porridge..

Very finely milled and I recommend to take this when it is hot! Or else it'll go watery when it is cold.

Next up: Carrot cake...

Siew Mai...

Chicken leg... Eat this to run faster.. :P

Har Kow (Prawns filling)

Pao Choy Kou (something like Chai Kueh I guess, but prawn filling)

And one of my fav... Char Siew Pao.. :P


Quite nice la the filling! :D

The Prawn fritters ...
* Didn't get to take them when it arrives, because we have too many *big kids* around * LOL!

Err, don't know what is this called...

Wu kok (yam filling)

And here comes the chinese dishes...

Wasabi Rice!!
Actually, I didn't taste any wasabi in there, but the taste of this dish is good! Not oily, not too dry either. Just nice. Just that the portion is quite huge though.... lol!

The Mee that I don't fancy...
The Mee is not crispy, is very *tough* ... not like what I have expected. On and all, they are not too stingy with their dishes, they gave us a lot of prawns, meat, etc. Thumbs up for that!

And two of the veges that is in the menu...


These two veges aren't my liking as well, too oily. I think the seasoning is a little over the top (a little salty) too.

Oh, and this is my fav, my friends commented that these are for kids *pointing at myself* LOL! :D

But I like it. Not too sweet! Just that the *egg* taste is not that strong enough.

And last but not least, the red bean soup which looks a little *Crazy* but taste good. ;)
Noticed that they blend the red beans? Cool right!

We didn't really order all 29 dishes though, because each of the dish is quite filling for us. BTW, the drinks are actually not included in the RM29.90++ promotion.

Overall, it is really reasonable for the price. And btw, I heard that their Dim Sum is actually one of the best in Penang. ;)

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