Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarkies Corner who?

I've been eagerly and patiently waiting for the one year event, and it just happened 19 hours ago and I'm misses them so badly already.

*Ahem* them = food.

E&O Sarkies have their Every Wednesday special, which is the Japanese and Chinese Buffet. And hell yeah, their food was amazing.

I'm not sure why they do it on Wed though, I do hope they do it on Friday instead so that it doesn't lured me thinking it's the weekends already. -_-

Their Jap+Chi buffet starts from 7pm onwards, and it costs RM58++ for each person. Very reasonable price with the 5-star environment hotel & service, you know! No complaint from me here.

If you have their member card, you'll get an additional 20% off. If you are not, you will also get RM2 bucks off for your parking ticket (car park price = RM4 per entry for Mon-Thur).

The buffet is quite worthy I must say, which I prefer E&O very much over the overrated Rasa Sayang's Spice Market Seafood buffet which cost RM120 per pax (if I'm not mistaken).

Just look at the food spread!!!

I didn't get to capture all the pretty food but I sure see alot of Salmons, Unagis, Big Prawns, Scallops over there.

And yes, you'll also get Oysters in the buffet too. Damn fresh and huge.

I keep wondering if Oysters are part of Japanese category, here. Hm..

The usual fruit platter.

The finger food corner. Finger-lickin' good Pohpias.. (my friend keep telling me how 'ho chiak' the pohpia were because I missed this out, damn).

My fav chocolate fondue fountain. With mashmallows, and colorful toppings. Look how peaceful the fountain is...

Not until all the children come out and play. LOL.

While the ladies and children were busy eating and playing with the buffet spread, these are the men at work.
The teppanyaki corner.

Their Chef Specials. I think is called Peking Duck or something. :) This picture looks abit weird.
I'm not sure why the baguette bread is sticking out there. -_-

Chef at work. Looking so juicy. *yummmmmmzzz*

What I get from the Chef... Lookin' hot there huh?


Steamy hot cross buns paos , chicken-mai and loh mai kai.

Dim Sum also nice leh.

Some random food fiesta.

This picture combination is abit weird though. You can see salmons, tuna, prawns and also chocolate fondue. LOL.

The dessert, with some combination of lychee, pomelo, pineaaple, sea coconut, papaya..etc.

Last but not least, my fav of the lot....Chocolate fondue!!!

With fresh strawberries. *slurps* and there are grapes for this combination too. *hearts* biggrin

Ah, I'm seriously missin' it already, I wonder when will be my next trip down to Sarkies Corner *hint hint*, anyone?

My Tummy Says:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh No!! It's TGIF

It was Friday and I thought I would have a "Bak Kut Teh" session (aka Pork Ribs Stew) with my kaki.

But it turn out to be a disappointment, because of the heavy rain. Duh. rolleyes

And in the end, I fork out more than I intended @ TGIF, Queensbay.

TGIF was really packed on Friday. I couldn't believed my eyes when I previously thought that their business may have gone bad after all the rumors circulated on the internet.

The service was great I must say, but food wise was just okay. Nothing spectacular.

Me and my friend ordered a 3 course meal which cost RM49.90 ++ with 1 Main course, 1 Appetizer and 1 Dessert. We also ordered an extra a la carte as we were hungry after our "intense" workout.mrgreen

Pictures away!!

*Fried Macaroni with cheese.
Comments: I don't like it, nothing spectacular though.
Below is the close up of it.

The Main Course

Sizzling Chicken Breast meat with Cheese.
Comments: I was hoping it was filled with cheese but the cheese become dryer as it was being sizzled. LOL. I loved the mashed potatoes. It was good!! But I don't really fancy the chicken meat, I would prefer if chicken thigh meat is used.

And Our "Extra"

Jack Daniel Beef burger.
Comments: The meat is abit dry, and I feel the sauce that they provided is a tad sweet. Nothing spectacular for this one, I would prefer McD's beef burger over this.

And close up:-

Last but not least, is the dessert!!

Chocolate cake with a scoop of Ice Cream.
Comments: This dessert is not that bad. Not toooo sweet like what I expected.

Anyway, the total for the above is RM74.55 including tax + service tax.

I still prefer Victoria Station over TGIF anytime, though. wink

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Nasi Kandar Simpang Ampat, Perai

I must admit I am tamchiak, at certain times (not all the time ok).

I couldn't control myself when it comes to curries. redface Especially when everyone is telling me to boycott Nasi Kandar. lol

Sorry lah, I couldn't live without curries in my life. I even take curries immediately after my gastric healed the next day.

I've been always promoting 'my' curry stall around my territory Simpang Ampat, Penang.

One of them is Nasi Kandar Ahmad, and the other is called Nasi Kandar Simpang Ampat. Real nice you know!

So now, here I present you, my Nasi Kandar Simpang Ampat.

They usually open everyday, and their business time starts as early as 4.30pm.

However, do not attempt to come over at midnite because this shop doesnt do late night business, they normally close their stall as early as 8.30pm.

If you want to have a decent meal, it is adviced to arrive at this stall between 6.00pm to 7.00pm. Their famous dishes such as Beef curry, Squid Eggs, Sotong/Squid and prawns normally will dissapear after 7.30pm.

And the best part is, their price is very reasonable! And their price is usually cheaper than those big name Nasi Kandar stall.

Here are some pics for your naked eye. twisted

Kuah Banjir + Squid + Beef + Vege + Squid Eggs

Top: Chicken Curry ( my fav!!! mrgreen) + Vege

The total for the two plate above is about RM12.

Both taukehs (in the first picture above) is very generous in giving. You can ask for a bowl of kuah FOC too.

Same Road /Beside Maybank in Simpang Ampat , where the Maybank is located nearby to Petronas station.

So you say lah, how to boycott them? I will feel very guilty leh. cool

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Once upon a time in Bangkok...

I missed my BKK (aka Bangkok). I missed buying wearing my statement Tees in Pratunam Mall (and they are lying in my cupboard). I missed the Tom Yam there, the most. Argh. *cries*

Hence, I am dedicating this post to my Bangkok trip memories, since I never blog about them anyway. :P

The trip was during this mid-year of 2008, if I remember correctly. We (as in my Boy and I) booked our accomadation, called Samran Place which was conviniently located in the center of BKK town. Here are the pictures:-

The room is quite spacy. So it wont be packed even if you bought about 4-5 luggage of clothes.

The door to the room. I think the room can fit about 3-4 person if you are coming along with a family or close friends.

There's nothing to shout about the toilet, though.

Upon touching down, we went to Platinum Mall, which is about 10-15 minutes away from Samran to get our tummy well-fed.

*This pic is taken after we had our lunch, though. XD
We had tried some food in the top-level food court. Not bad though, I guess the food is usually good whenever your tummy is hungry.

(Sorry for the Muslim people for the Non-halal pictures )

Pork Rice. This was good! :D I love the salty vegetables (kiam chai).

We got to try out the crepe thingy too, since it is highly recommended by lesdames peeps.

They are not bad, but I don' t really fancy them that much. :P

Colour kuihs beside the crepe stall. So cute, aren't they?

I was actually very happy to blog about Black Canyan Coffee, but now since it is in my town already, then nothing to shout about lah.

Their coffee is not so sweet unlike Starbugz or KopiBeans. I like them. :P

Me slurping the Canyon-kopi.

Staying in BKK, we also bought a package trip to the oh-so-famous floating market. It is a must-go for a 'kampung-girl' like me. :P

This is the scenario when I arrived early in the morning. Not so crowded yet.

Look at these sampans/boats, its getting 'hawt' down there.

The worst is that I almost wanted to tell the auntie I wanted the sausages in her sampan.

And it turns out to be floating bananas. -_-

The fruits which are sold by the people there looks really tempting, seriously.
I got myself a pack of look-like-very-sweet mangos but it turn out to be tasteless. -_-

Tempting,eh? The mee sold by this uncle was okay. I like it. :)

The crowd is comin' in.

After the floating session, the tour send us off to the elephant village. And of coz, as a Malaysian like me, we have our own elephant rides our own country too. Hence, no rides for me, tq. :P

Layan diri with the elephant.

Next, we went for a sight-seeing at the temple. The famous one, I guess. -_-

lovely cravings, dont you think? :) with the lovely us picture. :P

BKK is also famous with their wood cravings. Their work was hell-good as you can see in the pics.

Lady with her cravings.

Man with his mice. I dont think this is three blind mice.

This one was cool. The cravings were so tiny!! And the craft work was an eye opener for me.

The tree below takes about years to complete if I'm not mistaken. Look at these hard work!!

Anyway, the below pics are not within the travel package. Just some random photos. :)

Me with the LRT. (Saja layan the camera man. LOL)

One thing I love to do most in BKK, is to makan Swensen Ice Cream.

Their ice cream were so much cheaper than Malaysia. 69Baht for a 'Jar' of ice cream.

Super-damn-cheap!! You'll need to fork out more than RM10 for a cup of ice cream in Malaysia.


Greedylicious with my yummylicious.

Nevertheless, this is the famous four-faces-buddha in the heart of BKK city. :) Many business people come here to pray for "good luck" and "wealth". :)

That's all folks. Til next time. :D

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