Friday, January 30, 2009

Get well soon, dad!


My dad was diagnosed with food poisoning on Wed (the third day of the CNY).

Thursday, not recovering much.

Today, Friday, he finally get himself a proper checkup at the hospital near Ciputra.

And guess what....

The doctor said he need to undergo an operation, kononnya Appendix pulak. >.<

Damn sad la. :(

Hope he fast fast recover before we headed back home.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kim Gary @ Queensbay, Penang!

I hope I'm not too late.

Kim Gary just stumbled its feet in Queensbay, Penang! Woo hoo!!

*ahem* I'm not saying I'm a *die-hard* or *can't live without* fan of Kim Gary, but I think they are very much better than other food outlets that is available in Queensbay. They have much more options and of coz, much more affordable if you take their set meals!

This is one of them, fish-cutlet cheese bake rice, comes with a drink, dessert and soup! RM16.90.
I highly recommended the WHITE sauce (red sauce taste bad -_-) for the bake-rice flavour.
And I loveeeee their cream soup, with ham cutlets and small bits of veges in it.

And also their ying-yong (coffee + tea). mrgreen

They do serve extra seasoning if you fancy more cheesy-flavoured rice.
My favourite *squeals*!!!

and again.. up close and personal!
oh ya, and the dessert..I think they do change their dessert every now and then though..
Their seaweed flavoured fries are good too.
I think is about RM4.90 if I'm not mistaken.
up close........
Me and my good friend also tried this..
the newbie.. korean style mee...
not bad.. RM11.90 per set which comes with a small bowl of kim chi and a drink.

wah.. can't wait til my next trip there! But when I think of the queue during peak hour, damn frustrating la.. hehe

Also, if you are their member (RM20/per year), you'll get 10% off on weekdays and they also do give out free RM5 vouchers and 50% off your birthday voucher !! Damn "taattt" la...!

my twistedtummy says...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Xuan Xin Restaurant @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Not sure if this is a little too late, as I went to try out their food last Nov'08. mrgreen

Restaurant : Xuan Xin Restaurant
Location: Gurney Plaza New Wing (a level above A&W)

The name is familiar right? It is the same owner as the steamboat buffet restaurant in Tanjung Bungah.

The high class menu ::
The snack which is served before our food.

The interior of Xuan Xin. So high-class looking right?

More tables.
Me and my friend didn't ordered much as we are low in cash. LOL. But still wanted to try them out since their steamboat @ Tanjung Bungah was pretty satisfying.

We both ordered the barley-wintermelon dessert (in Cantonese called "Fu Chuk Yee Mai").
Not bad. But it is a little too sweet though.
The Cantonese fried rice. We ordered this as the picture in the menu looks so decieving. mrgreen
Not bad. Not too oily. But the portion is quite small. Medium. mrgreen
The "Sang Mee", we called it crunchy mee.
This one needs more seasoning / salt. A little out of taste. But it taste nice. :) With fresh prawns and fish cutlets. Yumm..
Overall, the service was great, the environment was great, just that the price tag is a little expensive. I will still go for my Kim Gary restaurant if I had the choice to choose. mrgreen

my twistedtummy says ...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Japin @ Queensbay, heart them!

I just love Japanese food. I'm not talking about sushi or fresh salmon, I'm referring more towards the ramens and teriyaki chicken at Japin @ Queensbay in Penang.

It is located at the same floor as the GSC cinema but opposite end of it. In between Hong Kong Videos and SenQ.

The usual stuff that is placed on each table.

They have changed their menu recently and it has a little price difference (about RM2)compared to the old menu.

And of coz, new menu has much more to offer and much more interesting stuff.

On the not so good news, they have discontinued their green tea and dessert that used to come with the set menu. sad

Green Tea (a-la-carte)

I am still so in love with their Extra-spicy Ramen! Mind you, it is really extraaaaaaa spicy as stated! *warning*

So yummy looking right? and it is really yummy!!!

The ramen is nice, not sticky but just nice enough with the soup!

My boy ordered teriyaki chicken set (RM19.80). Which is my favourite too. Not too sweet and just nice. And I love their potato salad (on the left, beside the salad). But the portion of the salad is just too small lah. geez. Their ala carte for potato is a whooping of RM4 for a scoop.
The set comes with 2 piece of watermelon, a bowl of miso soup, and some small kimchi as
And of coz, a meal wouldn't be complete without me camwhoring! LOL! twisted

My twistedtummy says...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bye bye 2008! A recap!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!! mrgreen

I really abandon this blog. LOL!

New Year, New Post.

Let me recall back what I have done in 2008.

1. I travel to Bangkok in January. For the second time with my Boy.
2. I bought 2 beauty machines which cost over 1K , and gave them an instant retirement after that. -_-
3. I bought a lot of skincare especially mask for over 100 pieces and finished my soft mask successfully this year.
4. Dye my hair4 times this year. Orange, Dark Brown, Orange Brown, Orange Brown.
5. Spend a lot on Hair Treatment in Orange.
6. I went to Melaka and KL with my Boy in July. Bought my first Guerlain Primer for RM200. -_- Got my cozy Bean Bag for the first time from a LYN and Got my first pair or Charles & Keith. *Still sleeping in the box* LOL
7. I travel to Jakarta with me mom in August. Went to Bandung with daddy's colleagues. Enjoying myself to the max and got my hair cut there in Johnny Andreas. lol
8. I got my DSLR for my Bday from mummy. *love* and got my first minolta lens from LYN too! I also joined Sony's workshop in Oct, at Batu Ferringhi. And shot two babes there. LOL!!
9. I spend a lot on Make up this year with the usual MAC. Venture myself in new stuff such as Coastal Scents, QueenJulene, Dior Powder, MAC loose mineral foundation, Everydayminerals, 4 pair of coloured Contact lenses, hair extensions, dresses, Black skinny jeans, MNG, Sport shoes (RM300 -_-), Nike Sportswear, Adidas, Sweatpants, leggings, my first bikini :P, etc etc etc.
10. Change my hair style countless times this year.
11. FFK-ed my students for the first time in my whole life. -_- My body calender screwed up!!
12. Quit ballet classes -_-.
13. Re-new my PF and used up all already.
14. Claimed my 625.
15. Invest ASM for the first time.
16. Joint FD for the first time.
17. Become a tour guide for the first time, officially. :D
18. I traveled to Aussie by Jetstar and AAX for the first time. twisted Stayed in 3 backpackers hostel in a week. Saw KOALAs for the first time and their habit is so like me. LAZY. LOL! And get conned by an old auntie for chocies -_-.
19. Ate my first martabak in Jakarta. Kacang. Yummy! I couldn't forget that.
20. Changed my Avanza's tyres. RM180/ea. -_-"
21. Bought my first DKNY Delicious that comes with Bag, Miniature & lotion. RM300
22. Become Parkson elite :P
23. Saw nose bleeding the first time. -_- scary. eek
24. Ate with future MIL. LOL! with grannie too!
25. Fell in love with ASUS EEEpc. Love at first sight. Hell yeah! redface
26. Successfully pressed my piggies. YAY!
27. Re-fill my second tong of containers.
28. Bought my first pallete from Shu's - Mika Collection
29. Got well-deserved grades/achievement from school & work. *prays hard for this year again!*
30. Break my first time record for using up all my vacation leave. Negative satu some more. LOL.

And break the above record by 1 . mrgreen

I think I spend more than I achieve la. *_*

So this year, I must earn more than I spend. No more impulse buying. Argh.

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