Monday, November 24, 2008

Hauls for the season!

Weeeeeeeeeeee! mrgreen

New babies into the family!

My new contacts!

Geo Honey Wing in Brown! Looks lovely. Should do the same on my eyes. LOL.

My haul during my morning stroll on Saturday. Damn affordable for this pair of gladiator-look-alike. mrgreen

My parent's haul for me! @ Jakarta. LOL. Save alot in CNY yo! mrgreen

Mommy, can I have more please? mrgreen

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rant of the Day : Nov23

I feel so guilty when it comes to Sunday. -_-

I “FFK-ed” some kids last Sunday because of my rusty memory. *bummer*

I think I might be getting some “odd looks” from their mommys and daddys on the coming weeks in Dec.


Time really flies.

It’s the last week of November already and I’m still wondering around as if November has just started.
Bills started to flow in and “ahlongs” has started to knock my door indicates clearly that they are hungrily waiting for my month-end salary. Geez.

And the worst thing is that I’ve spend and “will spend” half of it to the grand-looking Parkson.

Look at this:

All because of my excuses of getting a better 2-way as I’ll need them to last as long as 15.5 hours (630am til 9pm). Even though I have just brought back the good old ZA, I’m still skeptical about it. -_-

And because of this:

I need to break my piggy bank.

I can never resist pigments when I see them, especially for MAC.

I admit this is a very expensive hobby for me. I’ve tried not to look or know more about them, but I just cant! They are just so irresistible! Argh!!!!!

Not only this, there are so much Christmas / Holiday packs are coming out from the counter brands. And I’m going to have a hard time this year end.
And because CNY is also just around the corner, I am not able to push back all these yummy stuff dancing around the corner. -_-

Just to summarized, these are the things I am craving for the past half year (Yes, I’ve not done any internet shopping for some time already).

- External HDD
- Everyday Minerals (Got them already!)
- NYX (Got them already!)
- Coloured Lens (I got 1 pair and 3 pairs are coming! LOL)
- Hair Extensions ( still wondering….)
- MAC Little Darlings
- Kanebo LE Palletes (Still wondering)
- Bobbi Brown Palletes (KIV)
- New Shoes (KIV, I still haven’t opened my C&K Heels :P )
- Dresses ( I just placed an order for that -_-)
- Pants (KIV)
- Blouses (KIV)
- Lingerie ( A must!! LOL)
- Make Up Base (Guerlain is finishing -_- )
- Necklace / Bracelets (KIV)

Damn, that’s a whole long list. I’m broke before CNY! Luckily I still can get Ang Pows for the coming year! LOL. :D

But still…. I’m Broke. Argh!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Alma Thirty Nine Kopitiam aka de Sou Mien Shop

I'm always slow in posting. Apologized for that. mrgreen

Anyways, I was out for lunch one sunny day at the usual Sou Mien (Handmade noodle) shop in Alma. And I just gotta know they just moved to the opposite shop houses, which looks more grand than the usual house-biz.

Alma Thirty Nine Kopitiam. I didn't know they used this name to promote their food. lol
So I went in, and saw this...

Hm, I thought they should use the Sou Mien (The name that appears on the board) name instead of 39. razz

Anyways, they got some interesting menu. Not only they have their usual signature dishes of Sou Mien, they also have Chicken Rice, Char Siew Rice, Pork Ribs / Pork Leg / Duck Leg noodles (Direct translation, LOL). And they even have Bread Toast akaRoti Bakar!
Something like what a normal kopitiam would offered. So many choices to choose!

And finally, for a change, I opted for this:
Pork Ribs Noodles
Rice noodles with Pork Ribs Soup base
* Not bad, but I feel that the soup base is not that tasty enough, and the soup contains small little crushed bones with it.

Next up, the Boy ordered:
Chicken + Pork Rice

Up Close of it:
Tasted not too bad, and a plate of it cost RM4.50. Quite reasonable consider a cooling place like this. But the rice is not fragrant enough though.

We also ordered their Roti Bakar, not like Kopitiam or Old Town standard. Just normal.
Roti Bakar

And our drinks, Herbal+sugarcane Tea.

I'm sorry but I don't remember all the prices, but they are quite reasonable IMO. The shop opened from morning up to 4pm.

If you are wondering where the shop is, it is located behind SMK. Jalan Damai School. wink

Nuff said, Ciaoz for now. Til I write again soon, I hoped! mrgreen

My Tummy Says (For the above dishes):

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dragon-I Food Review @ Penang Queensbay Mall

It's been 11 days not updating my blog.

My blog has been collecting 11 days of dust and the owner is out for these 11 days working as a MPPJ clearing out her sampahs. rolleyes

Ok lah, I'm just giving out excuses of not blogging. LOL.

Recently I've been clearing my folders and I found a few pictures of Dragon-i dishes. I admit I was crazy for their Siew Loong Pao many months back but I am not for now. But anyway, let's bring back some memories. smile

I tried google them up and their website is just so cool, with an interactive-and-delicious looking menu.

Our seating...

One thing I did not like is that their table for two is just too small. A person who just love to call all kinds of food and cant finish them up like *me* (LOL) will be so frustrated with their XS size table. -_-

There are several signature dishes from Dragon-I, one of them are called Shanghainese Steam Meat Dumpling or we called them Siew Loong Pao.

Apologized for my lousy photography skill. It looks weird up there. LOL.

There's a trick to eat them, you'll need to put the whole dumpling into your mouth (but beware of the hot soup that is filled within the dumpling). It is best taken with a bit of ginger mixed with a tad vinegar in it.

The next dish is the meaty dish - "Shanghainese Braised Pork Belly with Beancurd Leaves".

This one looks a tad "crazy" to me. I've ordered three times previously and the first time I took it was nice, because the "belly fat" that they provided was not thick. But the second and third time was super thick and the meat vs oil potion was like 1:3 (like in the picture). It was crazy I tell you. I think that was the last time I've ever wanted them.

This dish also comes with a bucket of small star-looking"pao".

The menu that they provided was really tempting but I dont think I'd ever wanted to try that again. -_-

The next famous dish was the La-mien with Pork chop(handmade rice noodles).

The noodles were not bad, and mind you, the bowl of la-mien was quite a big serving (or maybe I'm a small eater).
However, I don't quite like their soup base though.

We also did ordered Fried Rice. Nothing special if you look at the picture. However, their fried rice is not too oily and it taste just nice.

Overall, they are not bad, but I don't think I can take them frequently as their dishes is more or less the same.

If you want to know more about them, do drop by their website with their mouth-watering menu. mrgreen

PS: if I'm not mistaken, without a booking, you wont be able to get hold of a table during the weekends & hols. twisted

My Tummy Says:

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Going through the Year of 2008 til Nov'08

Wow, it's November already.eek

I've been looking up in my photos to see what and where I've been to for the whole 2008.

Well, I know I've been spending a lot of money, overall.

By opening some clothing spree where some clothes ended up in my wardrobe. LOL.

and funding my own hobby - MAC pigments.


I'd bet I have donated over thousand's of ringgits in MAC. Geez. I felt very guilty, actually. confused

I think I traveled alot this year too. To some new places like Jakarta and Australia (soon), and famous local places in our beloved country - Melaka.


The tasty Aldy breakfast :)
aldy breakie

Nevertheless, I also got my first pair of Charles & Keith heels after its opening in Pavilion. I still remembered spending hours trying all the available shoes on the rack and just to force myself to get a pair back then. Geez.

Besides, during my Melaka - KL trip, I also did my first meetup / COD with a LYN seller for this:-

Boy oh boy, I almost need to leave behind the beanbag in KL because it was so bulky that it wasn't able to fit into the car boot. -_-

The worst mistake that I made throughout the year was by buying some beauty machine which I never used because of my laziness. I felt so sorry for this machine as it has been lying around in my room, and I'm blaming it for eating up my bedroom space. neutral


Sigh, I ain't going to write more for now, I'm feeling there are more regrets than memories for my purse. -_-

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarkies Corner who?

I've been eagerly and patiently waiting for the one year event, and it just happened 19 hours ago and I'm misses them so badly already.

*Ahem* them = food.

E&O Sarkies have their Every Wednesday special, which is the Japanese and Chinese Buffet. And hell yeah, their food was amazing.

I'm not sure why they do it on Wed though, I do hope they do it on Friday instead so that it doesn't lured me thinking it's the weekends already. -_-

Their Jap+Chi buffet starts from 7pm onwards, and it costs RM58++ for each person. Very reasonable price with the 5-star environment hotel & service, you know! No complaint from me here.

If you have their member card, you'll get an additional 20% off. If you are not, you will also get RM2 bucks off for your parking ticket (car park price = RM4 per entry for Mon-Thur).

The buffet is quite worthy I must say, which I prefer E&O very much over the overrated Rasa Sayang's Spice Market Seafood buffet which cost RM120 per pax (if I'm not mistaken).

Just look at the food spread!!!

I didn't get to capture all the pretty food but I sure see alot of Salmons, Unagis, Big Prawns, Scallops over there.

And yes, you'll also get Oysters in the buffet too. Damn fresh and huge.

I keep wondering if Oysters are part of Japanese category, here. Hm..

The usual fruit platter.

The finger food corner. Finger-lickin' good Pohpias.. (my friend keep telling me how 'ho chiak' the pohpia were because I missed this out, damn).

My fav chocolate fondue fountain. With mashmallows, and colorful toppings. Look how peaceful the fountain is...

Not until all the children come out and play. LOL.

While the ladies and children were busy eating and playing with the buffet spread, these are the men at work.
The teppanyaki corner.

Their Chef Specials. I think is called Peking Duck or something. :) This picture looks abit weird.
I'm not sure why the baguette bread is sticking out there. -_-

Chef at work. Looking so juicy. *yummmmmmzzz*

What I get from the Chef... Lookin' hot there huh?


Steamy hot cross buns paos , chicken-mai and loh mai kai.

Dim Sum also nice leh.

Some random food fiesta.

This picture combination is abit weird though. You can see salmons, tuna, prawns and also chocolate fondue. LOL.

The dessert, with some combination of lychee, pomelo, pineaaple, sea coconut, papaya..etc.

Last but not least, my fav of the lot....Chocolate fondue!!!

With fresh strawberries. *slurps* and there are grapes for this combination too. *hearts* biggrin

Ah, I'm seriously missin' it already, I wonder when will be my next trip down to Sarkies Corner *hint hint*, anyone?

My Tummy Says:

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