Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Radja Ketjil (Little King) in Jakarta

I went to Radja Ketjil when I was in Jakarta last month. This restaurant serves Indonesia Chinese food. My family and I picked this restaurant since it was quite crowded and we were quite hungry after we had Sushi Tei two hours prior to that. mrgreen

The crowd.

This was the menu given to us by the waiter. Not really impressed with the menu outlook though. :P Was expecting something more classy like.

Look! This store got branch some more.

My mom and bro discussing what to eat... and who gets what... hahaha..

While they were busy with the menu, I snapped some "Indonesian-somewhat-chinese styled" restaurant..

The wooden deco..

The environment was quite nice.

Here comes the food.

And I think they were super sweet!! And eventually we had to request for "tambah Es" (add ice)into these..

Es Kelapa..

I think this is called Es Kacang or something like that.. something like our local ice kacang (without the kacang)..

Yours truly called for something neutral. So I ordered Chinese tea. =)

And the main dishes..
Kueytiau Goreng Pinang.

Up close..

Comments: Not bad. Just a little lack of chili.

And this is called Nasi Goreng bangun pagi.

Up close..

Comments: Direct translation from the name is called Morning Fried Rice. :P Actually it is Fried Rice with chicken. With some salted fish. This is nice and not oily too!

This is the last dish. I think is called Laksa something. I forgot to take a "before" pic. Too hungry already. hahaha.

Not like what we expected. I thought they have some special type of rice noodle for this. Lots of coconut milk which is not my liking. If I would rate this, it would be 1 out of 5.

Overall, if I had a choice, I would still opt for Sushi Tei anytime over this. But on the other hand, I do enjoy the Morning Fried Rice a lot. :)

My Tummy Says:

By the way, I found out they do have a website HERE too!

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