Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Singapore "FOOD" Trip during Raya!

Aiyoh.. I really am disgusted by my blogging spirit. LOL. I have tried edited 3 times since Sept-30 but never got to finish up my editing. -_-

To cut things short, I went off to Singapore during Raya Hols. :D

But this pic does no justice, coz I'm trying to cover up the background.. but it turn up like this... weird looking thing...

My favourite part during travelling is FOOOOOOOD :D

And this is the best among all of them.

The pic says it all.. Thick and Juicy... YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM :D

Actually, how thick I don't quite remember.. coz this happens since Raya (Sept-20) :P

*Please excuse the dirty hands... :P Got hype up with Sephora's pencils at Ion. :P *

I super lurveee Carl's Jr.

Especially their giant fries.. :D

And with these fries, my brother said must "kahwin" with their sauce.

The picture doesn't do much justice actually. But you gotta have them if you are in Singapore... McD's burger sure lose kao-kao there. :P

But mind you, they are not cheap. The above set that comes with a large drink cost about $13.50. Argh. And super high calorie (my brother keep mentioning this.. :P) .

The second best that I've found there was their "Yew Char Kuey" (in hokkien).

This one is the KING of Soya Bean & Yew Char Kuey. Me and my family walk almost the whole Geylang to find them! >.< Coz my brother wasn't sure which lorong there.... LOL

Spot the Soya Bean!

Don't the kitchen look impressive???? And those wrapped up like "sausage" is the Yew Char Kuey.

And look at the crowd! Siao lang... :P

Here comes the BIG thing...

When they say "KING", they really meant it! :D Super long and big. LOL.

BTW, to eat this, you gotta dip with ice cold soya bean milk. DAMN nice can ki-siao okay! Trust me! ;) I regretted when I tried them with warm soya bean milk.

Also, since we mentioned about Geylang, my brother also recommended this...

Beef kway teow! :D

Paiseh, my family couldn't *maintain* for a while for my cam... :P

The beef is very very soft and springy but I don't quite like them seriously. Not my liking. But their "kangkung" damn nice can! So tasty! but no picture.. :P

Next up.. is Yong Tau Foo, which located at the food court beside People's park @ Chinatown.

Super long queue.. Can you spot my dad? :P

Super lurve the bean curd.... Actually, we have loads of beans there.. bean curd, soya bean milk, tau fu fah.... :P

And these are the best tou fu that I've ever tasted!! It's so soft that it actually melts in your mouth!

Yummyy... this one is a must try!

Okay, as for the below chicken rice.. actually not my fav, but since my dad keep mentioning "come Singapore must try chicken rice".. so we just layan lor... LOL :P

This one is located near Mt. Emily. Not bad lah.

But still, I prefer the one at Penang. :P

We also found another super-cheap one beside Little India's MRT station, that cost only $2. :D

But okay lah.. for the price, no complain from me :P

Beside that, the Nasi Biryani is also nice there (the food court beside Little India Station).

Actually we don't know which stall is nice, so when we saw so many people queuing, we just follow the crowd.. LOL :D

This is the set with mutton curry. Super yummy! :D

Last but not least, some window shopping outside of LV shop... imagine come Singapore also must Q to go in...

Paiseh, my dad didn't capture LV's logo.. malas nak layan me I guess.... :P

And do you know F1 race is also there in Spore?

See below...

My super-cun dad!!!! :D Look so small in the car.. hehehehehe...

Will blog more about our accomodation there too, coz it's really is nice... ! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Double Good Restaurant @ Autocity

Wee! It's September already! Yippee Yay Yay! Dunno why so hyper suddenly. -_-

And the picture says it all. Double good for September, I hope! :D

Last week my dad and brother came back for a short hols, so we decided to have a nice "makan-makan" together before the two head back to their *homes*.

This location was picked by me since my parents do prefer chinese cruisine than anything. :P So here we go... Our first time to Double good. At Autocity.

When we got there, the place were empty. Only one family were there feasting on their lunch. So quiet can.

Don't believe? See this..

Some more it is a Saturday afternoon. -_-"

We were greeted with the usual snacks.

Chili is not a snack, mind you. I'm not so "tough" with it, yet. :P

My family and I decided to order their set meal since it was "well packaged" plus the waiter told us that they are giving each of us FREE shark fin soup. (as usual lah, restaurant tactic ma..) So we ordered lo, the set was written "RM98" that comes with free tea for each person as well.. If I'm not mistaken, it was Set D. We opted for "3 cup chicken" instead of the soft shell crabs since I saw many reviews on that..

So here comes the shark fin.

This wasn't good, seriously. It has some sort of smell to it. And I think too much kicap as well... Starview difinately wins hands down.

The food were served to us quite quickly.

First up. The all time famous old Indonesian Prawns.

This is really nice. I let you see up close abit ya. :P

This one taste really good. As recommended by my colleagues as well. Thumbs up for that! :D I like! But would prefer if it has more "spicy" flavour in it.

Next up. Pig Trotter. In steamy steamy style.

Doesn't look like one right? Coz they took off the bones! -_-
This one was okay. Not much flavour. My parents also commented that they didnt include the bones is because they may take other "side" of the meat instead of the whole trotter thing. They don't really have much "fat" in this as well. Me likey!

Next is the usual vege.

Normal normal la.

And then their 3 cup chicken. But I don't see cup here. Weird name though.

This one I don't really like. It has a little sour taste to it. I find it weird. And the chicken meat are quite "dry" as well. 1 points out of 5 for this one.

Last but not least, is their Fried Tofu. I'm not sure if this is one of their famous dish as well. I find it so-so lor. Nothing special.

But overall, their food presentation looks good and their services are really double good. For all these that I've tried, I highly recommend their Indonesian Prawns. Other than that, the rest are so-so for me, and the 3 cup chicken is a big letdown. -_-"

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